13 Miles from Ambrose Light

Position: 40,13.87N , 73,51.14W

Speed: 7 knots, Course: 8 deg.

We are 13 miles from Ambrose light and then there is another 24 miles from there to North Cove Harbor in Manhattan. The wind has lightened to 7 knots and will probably drop more. After a very tough couple of days, the end looks like it will be difficult as well, just for a different reason – lack of wind.

We are in second place just in front of Movistar. Ericsson is third and Brasil1 close behind them in fourth. The four of us will probably end up in a light air battle, drifting into the finish line sometime just after day break.

So far it has been a good leg for the Pirates, hopefully it will end that way.

We lost our wind instruments yesterday but now that the sea is relatively flat, Juggy went up the mast and put in our spare “wand”. We have sailed with it before so it is fairly well calibrated. Very nice to have the instruments back. It is like someone just turned the lights on. Very good job by Jules and Juggy.

This stop over is going to seem very short. We will be cramming sleep into every opportunity. Thursday morning will be here very soon. The forecast we have at this time looks like easterlies at first then going to the South with the onset of a new low pressure system.

We just got a little puff so we are moving again. Just hoping it holds.


Pirates of the Caribbean