Bank Sarasin – RC44 Portoroz Cup

A good day for Katusha. With a score of 4 in the DHL Coastal Race (and a 6, 4) in the two windward leeward races, we have moved up to 4th in the fleet racing. At this point, that has us in the lead for the overall win in the Bank Sarasin Cup.

Artemis had a great day with a 1, 2, 1 and showed that they have been in the Class for a couple of years. BMW Oracle also had a good day with a 5, 1, 2.

The wind was in today and we even had a bit of seaway in the DHL Race as we sailed out of the Bay of Portoroz and up to the Isola (about four miles to the northeast). With the wind hitting 17 knots, the ride back to Portoroz was fast as the fleet planed downwind.

The two windward leeward races were action packed as all the boats arrived at the top mark together in the smooth water of the bay. The wind was shifty though, as it was coming off the land, so plenty challenging for the tacticians.

Tomorrow, we should have two more windward leeward races. The forecast is for the same wind direction (060 Bora) with the speed starting the day at 20 knots and moderating to 10.

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