RC 44 Miami

Not a great day for Katusha at 2 and 4. The conditions were very shifty with strong winds early in the day.

There are 14 boats in the fleet here in Miami with the addition of a new team from the states. So the fleet was divided into two groups for match racing today.

Our teammates on Artemis had a good day with 5 wins to lead their group. In our group, Aqua also had 5 wins. There are quite a few boats on 4 wins so there will be some “tie breaking” needed.

Tomorrow the top four will race in the semi finals and finals and the others will race a knockout series to determine 5-14.

It has been unseasonably cold down here, 60F as a high! Tomorrow is supposed to be less wind and a bit warmer heading into Thursday.

For complete results go to www.rc44.com