Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games Anniversary Invitational Sailing Regatta

I was in Stockholm today for a friendly regatta hosted by the 6M Class, part of the city’s week of celebrations commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1912 Olympics. The International Olympic Committee Chairman, Jacques Rogge and the King of Sweden headlined the regatta here in the city centr.

A number of Olympic sailors took part including Torben Grael who happens to be the sailor who has won the most Olympic medals ever.

The competition was held in ten 6M boats. The crews were comprised of the boats’ owners, plus some famous Olympians from other sports and celebrity sailors.

Two races were held and the Artemis Racing team onboard Rebecca, belonging to Johan Larson, was the winner of the day with a 2, 1.

The sun was out and the temperature in the mid 20s C. When the weather is like this here, the Swedes come out in force. Sun worshiping is the main activity all over the city…the parks, along the bay, absolutely everywhere and everyone.

Tonight there is a gala dinner in the City Hall for 700 international Olympic delegates, hosted by the King and Queen of Sweden. Tomorrow, there is a big event for the public in the main football stadium where the Olympics were held in 1912.

I will be on the first flight out to Geneva tomorrow morning in hopes of making the 1300 start of the annual Geneve-Rolle-Geneve Race with my boss and friend Torbjorn Tornqvist in his D35.