Santa Barbara

August 9, 2010

The final event of the Southern California Summer Series was shelf this pat weekend at Santa Barbara Yacht Club.
The conditions were beautiful, smooth seas, light winds and plenty of sunshine.

This weekend Danny steered our boat and I worked up front. We finished second overall!  Danny did a great job culminating in winning he final race by just one second. The star is real tough to sail well in 5 knots of wind and that what we had in Sunday.

There isn’t a lot to feel and the helmsman has to be very smooth and patient. Danny was all of that. He did have a tough couple of races on Saturday. That is all valuable experience for him as he heads up to Seattle at the end of the month to race in the North American Championship.

Jim Buckingham and Craig Moss did a great job to win the regatta by 4 points of team Cayard.

Magnus Liljedahl will be crewing for Danny up in Seattle. I am sure they will make a great team.

For me, this has been a fantastic summer of sailing with my son. I never imagined it would have been so rewarding. I also didn’t imagine Danny would have such a knack for the Star. Nothing can make a Star world champion happier than to have his son enjoy the boat we all love so much.

My next event is the Mercury Nation Championship where I will be sailing with my college buddy Kenny Maring at Balena Bay in Alameda.

For complete results visit the Santa Barbara Yacht Club website.