Edgartown Race Week


July 24, 2015


I have been in Edgartown for the past two days racing onboard Foggy, a brand new Frers 75′. Foggy is not just a racing boat but more like a work of art. She has a number of artistic touches, not common to racing boats, that have been added by famed architect Frank Gehry.

Foggy is wood inside and out, over a carbon core. She has skylights and port lights that are composed of hundreds of small pieces arranged in interesting shapes. Through these hundreds of small glass pieces, light is let in a very animated way. The light seems to dance or swim around inside the boat.

On the racing side, we have had 6 races, all conducted in very light winds. This hasn’t favored our 70000 pound beauty. We have a great group of sailors onboard assembled by Eric Arndt who has spent the past 8 months up in Brooklin, Maine putting Foggy together. The Brooklin boat builders are amazing craftsmen. Foggy is a fine piece of art.

Tomorrow is the last race; around Martha’s Vineyard island. This is 56 miles and the forecast is again for very light winds. We will no doubt get in late so I probably won’t write another report from here.

I will be back out here mid August to race in Nantucket which is just to the east of the Vineyard. I am getting a good dose of east coast in the summer. Not a bad thing for us left coasters to do every once in a while.

My next race is the Lipton Cup in Santa Barbara, August 8 and 9, where I will be sailing again with my son Danny in our Star.