SSL Finals-Day 4


Day 4 of the 2019 SSL Finals saw the qualifying series come to a close. Due to light winds, 2 races were run today making it a 10 race qualifying series.

Phil and I ran the gauntlet and made it! There was nothing easy about it. Today saw very light and still shifty winds. Phil and I retuned our mast last night and felt very fast today.

Drawing its inspiration from tennis and its annual Masters, the SSL Board has launched in 2013 the SSL Finals which will be organised at the end of every year. This regatta has exceptional media coverage and brings together the 10 best sailors of the Ranking and about 15 VIP guest sailors.


Two young teams did well today, Lorenzo Chiavarini(GBR)/Kilian Kilian Weise(GER) and Jimeen Ha(KOR)/Mark Strube. It’s great to see these two young Laser sailors mixing it up with seasoned keel boat sailors and doing well!

The forecast for tomorrow is more of the same light winds. The quarter final starts at 11:00 EST with 8 teams, qualifiers 3-10, racing. The top 5 from the quarter final move on to the semi final along with the #2 from the qualification series. The top 3 will move onto the Final along with the number #1 qualifier. The winner of the Final is the SSL Finals winner and takes a Gold Medal and a $40,000 prize. There is $200,000 total prize money on the line at this event.

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Photos by Star Sailors League / Gilles Morelle and Marc Rouiller @lightstormphotographieay 4 brought to a close the qualifying round of the 2019 SSL Finals. The leaderboard photo has all the results.