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Welcome to Cayard Sailing!  This is a place where, for 20 years, I have chronicled my sailing competitions and adventures.  New reports or blogs are posted regularly.  If you would like to get the reports emailed to you, just sign up below.  There is an archive of all past reports and a photo gallery as well.

I am a public speaker and have made many speeches to corporations and various groups over the years.  You can find more information about that in the Events section.

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Lipton Cup

Santa Barbara August 9, 2010 The final event of the Southern California Summer Series was shelf this pat weekend at Santa Barbara Yacht Club. The conditions were beautiful, smooth seas, light winds and plenty of sunshine. This weekend Danny steered our boat and I worked up front. We finished second overall!  Danny did a great job […]


Edgartown Race Week

Edgartown July 24, 2015   I have been in Edgartown for the past two days racing onboard Foggy, a brand new Frers 75′. Foggy is not just a racing boat but more like a work of art. She has a number of artistic touches, not common to racing boats, that have been added by famed […]

Star Boat Paul Cayard

King of Spain

Marina del Rey 16 Stars turned up in Marina del Rey this weekend to contest the King of Spain regatta. The conditions couldn’t have been better with 8-10 knots for all 6 races. Jimmy Buckingham and Austin Sperry posted great scores to win the regatta with 7 points. They won three of the 6 races […]

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