We got out early today to check a few jibs before anyone had left the dock. Then we tuned for an hour with Andy Lovell and Magnus Liljedahl. Felt pretty good about things and headed in. We measured our sails, did a few little things and I left the boat park around 1500. John Craig our coach and Phil stayed a bit longer to tie the spare mast onto the tender and finish up a few other details.

Sam and I went to the gym. It felt good to do a high rep workout. Fast bike ride for 20 minutes, then four sets of 12-15 on ten exercises. Got back to the apartment went for a short swim. Good maintenance. You need that at any age.

Tomorrow is supposed to be windy, 20 knots, so I thought steak would be good tonight. Sam and I went to the store and cooked up 5 pounds of steak for the four of us. Pasta, salad, some of my wife