The 12 man luge ride is over. What an experience! I think the scene that can best sum it up is; It is 02:00 in the Southern Ocean. The sound inside the boat is that of breaking glass in a car accident. The boat is slamming and shuddering violently as it is hurtling down 30 foot waves at 25 knots. You roll out of your bunk and start the process of getting dressed putting on three layers of pants, this takes ten minutes because you fall down every thirty seconds. Three layers of upper garments, two glove liners, rubber gloves, two hats, thick socks plus Goretex socks before slipping on those nice smelling boots. Then it is up forward to find you wet weather gear. The smock top, the pants, don

First let me say that I am flattered by the amount that has been written about EF Languages