Cascais, Portugal

Race Day 4 – Not a fun day for Artemis but we managed to hold onto third place.

We had a decent race in the first one with a 6th but lost both Quantum and All4One on the final run to the finish. All4One was just 0.5 ahead of us in second place going into today. The Portugese on Bigimist won the first race with Team New Zealand in 2nd.

At the start of the second race we were too close to windward of TeamOrigin, in big waves and 20 knots of wind. We got slow and the bow blew off and our sprit hit TeamOrigin and broke. So we had to make a penalty turn and we had no sprit for the downwind legs.

We were well into last when the dust settled after the start and I thought about just retiring to save the wear and tear on the sails. But that would have cost us one point as the difference between a last and a DNF (Did Not Finish). Then Bribon had a problem with their gennaker too and went down the last run without a kite. We were able to set ours, tacked to the bow, and we managed to pass them and gain another point.

Quantum sailed well to win easily and Team New Zealand got another second showing a lot of consistency.

Team New Zealand won easily and All4One sailed well to get second. Behind Artemis in third, things were tight with TeamOrigin and Quantum tied for fourth just 1.5 points behind us.

Cascais proved to be a fantastic place to race and a beautiful city to boot. I am sure we will be back to race here next year.

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Cascais, Portugal

Race Day 4 – Today we had the coastal race. The winds were 15-25 knots from the NW. Team New Zealand led from start to finish. Matador put on their best race to finish second and Jochen Schuemann and his All4One team finished third and lie in 2nd overall due to TeamOrigin finishing 9th.

We clawed our way up to fourth and now lie in 3rd overall.

Tomorrow is the last two races. Still strong winds are forecast.

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Cascais, Portugal

Race Day 3 – Two great races again today in 15-25 knots of wind from the Northwest. We had a bit of rain, but the wind really made the racing exciting with the boats planing at over 20 knots downwind.

Onboard ARTEMIS we had a good day and moved up in the standings from 7th to 4th. We did not have good starts in either race but made great comebacks by playing the very shifty wind to finish 7th and 2nd.

TeamOrigin won the first race but stumbled a bit in the second by fouling ALL4ONE at the first mark and the finished 7th. Emirates Team New Zealand had a great day with a 2, 1 and now lead the series with 26 points to TeamOrigin with 29. The Russian team, Synergy is third with 34 points just two ahead of ARTEMIS with 36. ALL4ONE is 5th with 37.

Tomorrow will be the coastal race down to Lisbon and back…about 25 miles. Good breeze is forecast so it should be a fairly quick race. The current will be tricky near Lisbon as there is a big river outlet to the ocean.

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Cascais, Portugal

Race Day 2 – Two races were held today and the competition was once again extremely tight. The conditions were a bit breezier than yesterday with a maximum windspeed in the second race of 25 knots. The wind was also very shifty, with the range from 305 to 005. Being in the middle of the course was not good.

Onboard ARTEMIS we had a good day with an 8 and 3. Our regular helmsman Torbjorn Tornqvist joined us today after missing yesterday due to work commitments. In the first race, we got off to the right side thinking that the typical conditions would prevail following a small frontal passage. But once again, the left was good and we rounded the first mark about 8th. We passed one boat up the second windward leg but unfortunately lost them again on the final run when the gennaker sheet got under the bow in a gybe. Emirates Team New Zealand picked up where they left off yesterday with a win and Quantum being helmed by Adrian Stead finished second. Quantum helmsman Terry Hutchinson suffered a concussion prior to the start of the first race today and won’t be sailing tomorrow either. He is ok, but needs to take it easy.

In the second race, we got off to a bad start but headed right once again. And this time, the right was a charm. We got to the first mark in second place right behind All4One with a huge lead on TeamOrigin in third place. Things stayed pretty much even down the first run. The boats were planing in the now 20 knots of wind, which was a lot of fun. Around the gate, one of our mainsheet blocks broke and we were not 100% up the second windward leg. This allowed TeamOrigin to catch up to us a bit. Down the final run, we passed All4One and were looking good for the win on the final gybe into the finish. However, the wind shifted 20 degrees in our favor but it was too much and we had to put the jib up to get to the finish, which let TeamOrigin pass us. We finished third. Still a good race!

So TeamOrigin is leading now with 21 points just 6 points ahead of us on 27. We are in a three-way tie for 5-7th. Still a lot of racing to go and tomorrow’s forecast is for good breeze again.

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Cascais, Portugal

Race Day 1 – Three races were held today and the competition was extremely tight. In fact, just three points separate the top 6 boats at the end of the first day. Emirates Team New Zealand, last season’s winner, scored both a first place and a last place in today’s racing.

Onboard Artemis we had a good day. We had three good starts and were always in a good lane coming off the line. We scored a nice third place to start things off, then in the second race tore our gennaker at the first mark and were well clear in last place by the time we got the replacement sail up. Still, we managed to claw our way back to 6th. Then in the last race, we got a bit too far to the left of the fleet on the first windward leg and were deep in the pack. We did manage to pass a few boats on the final run to finish 7th.

The racing was always tight with lots of action around the marks. No one dominated the day, neither on speed or tactics. Likewise, the closeness in the scores.

Another feature today was that the left side was pretty good at times, so that kept the race course more open than usual. The winds were 12-16 knots from the Northwest with oscillations of 20 degrees. Very fun conditions in these boats.

Tomorrow, the forecast is for a bit more wind and the race committee will probably shoot for three races again.

I took some photos of the fleet at the dock this morning. The race village here is the best on the circuit.

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Cascais, Portugal

The TP52 Audi MedCup season is set to begin tomorrow. The first of the five event season gets underway here in Cascais, just west of Lisbon, with two windward leeward courses tomorrow. There are 11 teams here competing in what is one of the most competitive professional sailing circuits in sailing. The list of helmsmen/tacticians is very impressive; Team Origin: Ben Ainslie (3 Gold medals), Iain Percy (2 Gold), Luna Rossa: Robert Scheidt (2 Gold, 1 Silver), Torben Grael (5 Olympic medals), All4One: Jochen Schumann (3 Gold), John Cutler (1 Silver), Emirates Team New Zealand; Dean Barker/Ray Davies (America’s Cup winners), Quantum; Terry Hutchinson/Adrian Stead and the list goes on. All of the 12 man crews are the best in the game at what they do.

The boats have under gone a few changes since last season due to some rule changes. Bowsprits have replaced spinnaker poles, square top mainsails are in and running backstays are necessary. The crew are down by two to 12 and the keel is a bit heavier and the gennaker is a bit larger. All in all, the boat is more fun to sail. With no discards, the TP52 rewards consistency.

ARTEMIS is ready to go. Torbjorn Tornqvist, our helmsman, isn’t able to be here at least tomorrow so I will steer the boat and Cameron Appleton will be the tactician. Hopefully, Torbjorn will join us later in the week.

The forecast for tomorrow is for 15-20 knots of wind in the afternoon from the Northwest. The first start is at 1330.

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Rome –

The oldest trophy in international sport: re-energised by unprecedented collaboration between the Defender and the Challengers

– New, fair rules and independent professional management will give an equal opportunity to all teams
– A new class of fast, exciting boats created in conjunction with all teams
– The 159 year old competition made irresistible to commercial partners with regular racing in multiple venues under professional, neutral race management
– Transformed television and online coverage will place race fans right at the heart of the action, wherever they are in the world

This was the message today at the first press conference of the 34th America’s Cup, which saw the trophy brought to the home city of the Challenger of Record, the Club Nautico di Roma.

Speaking in the Sala Exedra in Rome’s Musei Capitolini, surrounded by some of Rome’s most precious treasures, Russell Coutts representing the defending Golden Gate Yacht Club and Vincenzo Onorato on behalf of the Challenger of Record, mapped out the future of the America’s Cup.

The press conference webcast was streamed live around the world.

Discussion & debate; consultation & collaboration

“Diktat has been replaced by discussion, confrontation by consultation,” said Coutts, four time winner of the iconic competition.

“Our minds and our ears are open. We are receptive to ideas.”

The opportunity to shape the rules and the design of the new boat has been offered to potential teams.

The management of the on-the-water racing will be controlled by an independent, neutral and professional authority, not the Defender.

New Protocol rules

Yesterday teams received the Protocol used in the 32nd America’s Cup and were asked: “What would you change to make the competition better?”

This document was negotiated by the Golden Gate Yacht Club and produced the successful 2007 America’s Cup. Feedback from the teams will be used to shape a new Protocol for the 34th Match.

The wide-ranging reforms would not have been possible without close co-operation with the other teams – who will be the Defender’s rivals when racing gets underway.

In particular Coutts noted the unprecedented collaboration between the Challenger of Record and Defender: “The task would have been impossible without working in partnership with Vincenzo Onorato.”

Onorato was given the honour of revealing the key decision date targets on behalf of the entire America’s Cup community.

Key dates announced

  • – Protocol for the 34th America’s Cup will be issued by 31st August
  • – Design rule released by 30th September
  • – Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions published by 31 December
  • – Venue confirmed by 31st December
  • – Challenge Period open from 1st October – 31st January 2011

New thinking on television

A bow-to-stern re-think of the entire television and media output is already underway.

Not only will fans be able to turn-on and tune-in, anytime, on any platform, but they will be made to feel as if they are on-board themselves, right at the heart of the action, alongside the best sailors in the world.

New boat- faster sailing & thrilling racing

The new design rule will be a critical element of building a spectacular event.

Renowned but neutral designers – Bruce Nelson and Peter Melvin – have created two different concepts – a multihull and a monohull.

Teams will sit down this month and discuss which concept to adopt and begin the process to create a design rule.

The requirements of the new America’s Cup Class rule are:

  • – It should produce dynamic and close racing
  • – It should use advanced, efficient and cost-effective technologies
  • – It should be distinctive and epitomize the pinnacle of the sport
  • – It should be able to race in any venue in winds from 5-35 knots

The ability to race in all venues and in most wind strengths is vital to make race scheduling reliable for fans and broadcasters.

“Delays kill interest. Even the hard-core fan doesn’t like having to wait for enough wind to race,” said Coutts.

Venue and Year-host cities evaluated

2013 and 2014 were named as the most likely dates for the next Cup.

Sufficient time is needed to evaluate venues and create impressive, efficient infrastructure for the Cup Village.?Coutts confirmed that American sites were not the only ones under consideration. But he noted: “Every candidate city knows that a very strong case has already been put forward by San Francisco.”

Cities in the USA and Europe are under consideration. Highly experienced specialists have been engaged to manage the evaluation process.

Regular racing in multiple locations

Host cities are also being sought for a series of regular racing for Cup teams. This racing will be integrated into the America?s Cup, in a plan developed in conjunction with the World Sailing Teams Association.

Changes welcomed by Cup community

Paul Cayard, six-time America’s Cup competitor and representing not just Sweden’s Artemis but the World Sailing Teams Association, commented on the reform package:

“We believe that the WSTA and its Louis Vuitton Trophy events are exactly the type of activity that needs to be incorporated into the big picture of the America’s Cup.

“With its global venues in important markets, regular calendar of events, tight racing in America’s Cup class boats, equal representation for each team, these events represent great commercial value that the teams can pass along to their sponsors.”

Challenger trials for the challengers & litigation ended

Coutts confirmed that the Defender will not participate in the Challenger trials as the previous Defender had done. And that all litigation from the contentious 33rd America?s Cup was over because of a settlement signed last month with the Swiss.

“That episode is history. Our focus is the future,” Coutts said.


The wind came back to Lake Traunsee today and racing got underway on time at 1130. Race officer Peter Reggio got four races in again.

BMW Oracle continued to show dominance with both of their boats tied for first place in the fleet racing. No way back, last year’s overall winner, finished third. Onboard Katusha, with owner Guennadi Timtchenko at the helm for his first sailing ever, we were very pleased to finish the fleet racing in 8th place. We even finished second in one race today! This combined with our third place from the Match Racing puts us 5th overall for regatta. Guennadi was ecstatic. I think there is a fair chance he is hooked.

I am off to Portofino tomorrow for the Nespresso Cup. This should be a fun event with about 14 very large sailboats from the Wally Class. I think I am to sail on a different boat each day.

Following Portofino, I will be going to Cascais, Portugal for the Audi MedCup TP52 event there.

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No wind, no racing. Meetings and a gym work out. Artemis/Katusha dinner tonight in a castle from the 14th century.

Tomorrow is the last day of racing so let’s hope for a bit of wind.


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Today was the first day of fleet racing here in Austria. After torrential rains last night, the wind was slow to get going but finally around 1400 we got the first race of the day started.

As you probably know, the RC 44 is an “owner driver” class in the fleet racing. Our owner, Gennady Timchenko, has not been able to attend any of the three previous regattas onboard Katusha. But he has come to Austria and he was our helmsman today. What is impressive about this is that today was his third day sailing ever. Yesterday, the practice day was the first time he ever steered a boat. The RC 44 is a Ferrari of boats and the fleet is very competitive, so you can imagine what a stressful day it would be for a novice sailor to be steering one of these boats in a 10 boat fleet race.

Anyway, Gennady did great today. We didn’t finish last in any of the four races and in fact we are in 9th place in the fleet racing after the first day. He had a smile on his face despite receiving plenty of suggestions all day long. The racing on the lake is plenty shifty, so there are always opportunities to come back and there was plenty of mixing out there.

Cereef who started off with a last place in the first race ended up winning the 3rd and 4th races. Larry Ellison’s BMW Oracle has maintained their top form from the match racing and are leading the fleet racing at this point.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for more rain and less wind. But things tend to change fast around here, so we will see what we get when we wake up.

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