2nd Race Day

We had a bad one today. Two bad ones. The wind was 6-10 knots from 330-360 today. Very streaky.

In the first race we had a bad start and got farther back by going to the wrong side.the left. We made up a bit of ground during the race to finish 12th.

In the second race we had a good start and were in a strong position 2/3rds of the way up the first beat. Then the wind went very light and then filled from the left. Left was good and we rounded the first mark about 16th and basically stayed there all race.

Peter Bromby (BER) who had a bad day yesterday won the day today and Ross MacDonnald (CAN) and Colin Beashal (AUS) who also had bad days yesterday had good ones today.

Hard to give you a play by play today as it was just a cluster of boats for us all day. We made a small adjustment to the mast after sailing today.still getting that tuned.

It is a bit warmer today and just s sprinkle or two. Going to try to go for run this afternoon.

Top 5 overall:

1) Loof (SWE) 13,

2) Percy (GBR) 14,

3) MacDonnald (CAN) 17,

4) Neeleman (NED) 18,

5) Cayard (USA) 20

Full results at www.SPAregatta.org

Paul Cayard