89th Bacardi Cup

Photo by Cory Silken from Tuesday’s race. Cayard/Fatih in bow 41 in 18 knots of wind.

Coconut Grove

The wind was blowing hard all night and early this morning.  The Race Committee put up the postponement flag at 0900 and at 11:00 called it for the day.  This is a good call for the fleet on the whole.  While the top 25% of the fleet could race in 25 knots, many of the participants would either not go out or would go out and possibly incur damage.  If you break your mast, that is an $8K outing.  Good call by the race committee.

However, tomorrow we will have two races. These races are World Championship length races; 10.7 nm.  Each race takes about 1:45. So it will be a long and physical day.  The first start will be at 11:00 rather than the usual 12:00.

The forecast is for 17 knots from the southeast at 10:00 dropping to 11 knots by 16:00.  It should be a beautiful day for racing Stars.

Star Class 8506 and 8510 sailing at Bacardi Miami Sailing Week.

Star Class 8506-Cayard and 8510-Grael sailing at Bacardi Miami Sailing Week. Photo by Cory Silken

Someone will have to make a move tomorrow if the Germans are to be beaten.  There is one discard in this series so two top 5 finishes for the Germans and they may not even have to go out for the 6th race on Saturday. But sailing is usually anything but straight forward.  We still half the series to go!

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