America’s Cup 35


One race was held today between Artemis and Softbank Japan in 20 knots from the south.  Japan hit something underwater about an hour before the start.  There didn’t appear to be significant damage to their boat but the investigation by the shore team definitely through the Japanese off their pre game program.

In the race, the Japanese got the better start but seemed to have trouble with the bear away around Mark 1. Up the first windward leg and down the second downwind, the Japanese were just ahead of the Swedish team. Up the second windward leg, the Swedes were sailing faster on a long starboard tack. At the boundary the Swedes were able to ask for room to tack and the Japanese tried to get too fancy and delayed their tack just a bit.  This allowed Artemis to get up and foiling on port and the hooked Softbank and luffed them.  That was pretty much game, set and match.

So Artemis move on to face the Kiwi’s in the Challenger Playoff Final starting tomorrow.  Three races a day on Saturday and Sunday with the breeze slowly moderating each day.