Athen Trainging

Good day for us today. Phil took the Godfather (Mark Reynolds) to the airport at 0730 and picked up his wife at 1030. So he was off to a happy start. Austin and I went to the gym and did squats and shoulders today.

We went down to the boat at 1230. And launched and lunched. We went out at 1400 and did some tuning with both our boats on the way to the starting line. We had Mark Mendletblatt (USA Laser) as our coach today with his able assistant Carrie. They set the course for the races. I can’t say enough how great it has been to have Andy Lovell and Austin sailing a second boat that is totally under our control each day. I watch these other guys sailing around by themselves trying to figure something out of get something done.

We won all three races today. We got to the windward mark first each time but the best part was how fast we were downwind. We stretched each time which is a really nice improvement for us.

We took it to the barn early. I am feeling a bit of wear and tear after sailing 19 days out of the last 21 and hitting the gym 14 of those days before sailing. Tennis elbow and knees are hurting. We have a Physio therapist here Mark Kenna, from Australia, thanks to Lanee Butler our women’s board sailors. He is working on me a bit at night which is great.

Break is coming up soon.

Paul Cayard