Athens Training

We hit the gym at 0900. We all felt strong after the weekend of rest. We took some pictures today to document the adventure. We even got Reynolds doing bar dips!

The sea breeze had a hard time filling today so we got off the dock at 1500. It was kind of nice to have a leisurely morning around the club talking to the other sailors, watching the new arrivals working hard in the heat. Finally the wind filled in to a nice 10-12 knots form 185.

Today we had to run the races so we inflated out West Marine buoys and after about a one our tuning session with Andy and ourselves, Mark Reynolds laid a race course and the others joined us for three races. Again, today we were not stellar. Our speed was ok but we succeeding at getting on the wong side of the course on the first two races then got too far into the good side the third time. We were always fast downwind which is a very nice improvement. Andy and Austin won a race and Xavier Rohart (FRA) won the other two.

We headed in around 1830 and left the boat park at 1900. Phil and Austin went shopping, I go the Q going and am writing up all my various logs and reports that I do every day.

Today was Mark Reynolds last day with us. Mark has been very helpful and putting in as much effort as he would have had he been going to the Olympics this time. He is the reigning Gold medallist. It was great to have him here for 10 days! Thanks Mark.

We will sail with Andy through Thursday then take four days off from sailing.