Athens Training

Another great day today. No gym so we got some extra sleep. We left the apartment at 1000 and got down to the boats at 1015. We took our mast down and reset everything to correct for the stretch. We also did a tip deflection of this new rig to compare with all the other ones we have had. There was not wind until about 1500 as the seabreeze was having a tough time filling. Then it finally came in and we were off the dock at 1530 with both boats. We had a good day of testing in the steadiest breeze we have had in two weeks. Results will be in August.

It has been so nice to have Andy, Mark and Austin here because I never have to think about when other people are sailing and trying to hook up with them. Also, with my own two boats I can control the schedule for what we test when and I know what the other boat has and is doing. Very productive.

We sailed until 1830 and had the boats on the trailer at 1900. The breeze got up to 10 knots today from 180. The chop builds very fast out here in the seabreeze direction. It is more like a washing machine. There is a constant flow of ferries coming in and out of Pireaus (Athens port)all day.

We are back at the ranch, the Q is going strong with Burgers and Yardbird. Salad, Zucchini on the grill, and my grandmothers famous potatoes. Reynolds is printing out the pictures, Phil is the Q master, Austin is peeling the potatoes (fairly safe task) and Lovell is holding court. I am on the computer for a change. We have the Stones playing on my sons I Pod speakers system. It doesn’t get much better than this and we get to get up tomorrow and do it all over again.