Athens Training

Big day today. Hit the gym for two hours..chest and back today. Breakfast and down to the boats by 12:00. We took the masts down to check the rigging because with all new rigs the rigging stretches after the first few sessions. Checked everything and reset everything on both masts.

Then we went out at about 1430 to check most of the sails for the Olympics; two mains and 8 jibs. Checked them all…jib up, number it,check it, make notes about it..put it away carefully. This process took about 2 hours. Then we put some older jibs on and tested for about an hour and a half.

Back to the dock and hauled out by 1800. Home for a shower, notes, pictures and dinner out at an Italian Place in Glyfada. Glyfada is the town where we live a bout 15 km’s southeast of Athens. That is where the sailing venue is.

Tomorrow we will probably do some racing again with the other teams. More teams are showing up again. Swiss, Austrian, and Spanish just got back. Us, the Swedes and the English never left after the Greek Nationals.

We are going to sail until the end of next week then take a day off on Friday because I have to go to Europe for the day. Then Saturday we have the US team “processing”. That is when we get credentials and our official US Olympic team gear. Sunday and Monday we will move into the Olympic venue and get situated there. I want to be all installed and sail a few times out of the venue before my family comes on the 5th so I can spend some time with them with the peace of mind that everything is in order.

Paul Cayard