Athens Training

Had a pretty good day today. Gym from 0900-1100. I ate a leftover steak and four eggs(three egg whites and one yoke) after the gym. It feels so good to eat well after the gym. Got to the boat at 1230 and did some jobs that were on the list. Andy and Austin rigged up the other boat and we both headed out around 1400.

We sailed together for about 1 hour getting that boat tuned up. It has a new rig so it is stretching a bit and Andy needs to get used to the boat. Andy was real fast downwind which is good . Hopefully we will make some improvement there in the next few weeks. Then we joing the racing with the others…Beshal, Percy, etc. We only did on race with them. The wind had gotten real weird. So Andy and us tested for another half and hour on the way back to the dock.

We got home relatively early tonight…1830, made dinner…yard bird, potatoes and salad, and then Phil, Andy and Austin went to the airport to get Mark Reynolds and the sails that got lost from Andy on his flight yesterday.

Tomorrow we are going to try to sail early. The Meltemi was in all day today and it is strongest in the morning. So we will try to leave the dock arou n 1030 tomorrow.

A lot of the other teams are leaving now and going home for a break. Mac Donnald (CAN) left yesterday, Beashal (AUS) is leaving tomorrow. Loof and Percy are still here for another week or so.

We are not leaving unitl August, so we should get plenty of training and speed testing in.

Paul Cayard