Athens Training

Gym again this morning for Phil and I. I then had some physio therapy from our USOC physio, Scott Weiss. We put the boat in around 1230 and left the dock at 1300.

A very strange day on the water. The wind was the most erratic of the month that we have been here. There were “helicopter” puffs touching down randomly and wind shifts of up to 50 degrees prior to 1600 today. This made for untestable conditions.

We had been training with Torben Grael (BRA) but he went in and we were following shortly behind. We had gone to the 470 course to get Skip Whyte to take a few photos of our rig tune. On our way in, a nice seabreeze filled in suddenly from 165 and we tuned with Freddy Loof (SWE) and Alex Hagen (GER) for about 1 hour in 8-10 knots…very nice sailing.

Tomorrow we are expecting two new masts to arrive from Italy. I want to rig up one of these asap and sail with it as it will be our back up for the games. Hopefully the truck comes early and we can get out on the water with it tomorrow. We are told that the truck will come between 0900 and 1700 and that we have to be there to receive them.

My family is coming down here on Thursday and we are taking off for about 5 days.

Paul Cayard