Athens Training

Boot Camp closed today. 21 days of sailing in 23 days. We are a bit tired. Four days off now…no sailing that is. I have to go for a short trip to Europe and Phil and Austin and Andy are packing up the boats so we can move into the venue on Sunday. Saturday is US Olympic Committee “processing”.

Today was another good day for the Red, white and blue racing team. Two bullets and a third. We are pretty happy with where we are at in our preparation so a perfect time to take a break.

I feel that we have made a lot of progress in the 23 days. No that we are much better than the trials but we somehow acquired a lot of rust in the month off before we came here. So we got rid of the rust, checked all our sails, got very fit by sailing everyday and going to the gym four days a week before sailing.

Today after sailing we had a team Go Cart session. Pretty fun. The Carts were pretty fast. Tomorrow morning we are have a team golf session.

All is good for now. I may be a bit sporadic on the reports over the next few days as things wont be very regular. Maybe you need a break too.