Audi Med Cup – Alicante – Race Day 4

Strange day today. No wind, then plenty of wind…up to 15 knots, then no wind. Luckily, we were able to squeeze in one race during a one hour window with 15 knots and that it was a good one for us. I got the boat up on the line and we finished 3rd. Mean Machine did a carbon copy of their other races and added yet another bullet to their score line for a strong lead in this regatta going into the final two races tomorrow.

After waiting for wind, then having a general recall and a postponement, we finally got a race underway around 1400. We had a good start up near the windward end with Mean Machine who tacked off for the right immediately. We followed a short time later and Artemis hipped up on us as we all drag raced out to the right. The right was good and we rounded in that order and stayed in that order for the duration. Just behind us, Platoon and Bribon and Quantum were nipping at our heels.

Surprisingly, the race was shortened at the second windward mark… it seemed like a mistake as the breeze was solid. About 6 minutes later, the wind died and shifted 160 degrees. I guess the committee knew exactly what they were doing.

After that, the wind never came back.

Tomorrow, two races will be attempted, but no races can be started after 1530.

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