Audi MedCup – Marseille

Tough day for Artemis in the light winds of Marseille. We did not have good speed upwind or downwind in the sloppy seaway.

With scores of 7, 10, 9 we are firmly in control of last place. In fact in the second race we will probably get another point of penalty for racing with a gennaker that wasn’t “carded”. The sail was measured but not declared and that is a technical violation. Apparently a mistake was made when loading the sails this morning.

Quantum racing won the last two races after posting an 8th in the first race. I imagine they are leading.

Team New Zealand finished last in the first race after winning the last regatta with a 20 point margin.

Anyway, tomorrow will be better.

Similar forecast for tomorrow wind wise. Not sure about the extra sloppy seaway.

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