Bacardi Cup- Day 6

Coconut Grove

No racing again today. Too little wind. We started race 5 at 10:30 and raced the first lap in a very light, fickle wind and then the committee abandoned the race at the leeward gate. Torben Greal had a big lead.

There were 3 attempts at the restart once the sea breeze filled in. Unfortunately the line was very biased in all three and they had to be abandoned at the starting signal each time.

As frustrating as it was not to race again, it is fair to say that the race may have been difficult as there was just 5 knots.

So it has been a long week for Rodney and I racing in just three races. Still, I have really enjoyed returning to the Star and will do more soon. A big thanks to Rodney for doing a great job up front! And congratulations to Lars Greal for winning this very prestigious event.