Bacardi Cup-Race 2

The Black Flag was back today and we got caught. We sailed up to the windward mark, not in particularly good shape and saw our bow number posted so we retired.

The day was supposed to be w windy one from the NW. We put our heavy air main on for the trials to give it a look. It was fine but by the time the start came along there was only 10 knots of wind so we shifted to our light air main. As we sailed the first beat the wind even dropped further to 6 knots.

The report from the guys who raced the whole race was that the committee moved the windward mark right but the wind stayed left and most of the race was a parade.

Peter Bromby BER won the race, Freddy Loof was third, Howie Sheibler was 5th. Loof is now leading the regatta and we have dropped to 43rd. There is a throw out in this series but I am planning on leaving on Wednesday night.

We towed in, washed the boat and pulled our rig out. This is our new rig, the one we bought to replace the rig we broke last Tuesday. It is very good and I want to keep it that way. So we will sail tomorrow and Wednesday with our spare rig to make sure we are happy with its tune and not risk anything with the number one rig.

I went to the gym for an hour and a half with my trainer Sam and Phil finished up a few projects on the boat.

We are feeling pretty good because everything on our work list is done. John Craig our coach has our coach boat very organized complete with spare mast onboard.

We went to dinner with Augie Diaz and his crew Hal Haenel. Hal crewed for me in the Star Worlds in Marina Del Rey in 2002 where we finished 4th and qualified the USA for Athens.

The forecast for tomorrow is not stellar but hope fully the land will heat up and pull a light sea breeze in.