Back At It

At 2000 local time the Black Pearl eased out of Sanxenxo on her way to Holland. The trip should take about 3 days. We are currently sailing hard on the wind out into the Atlantic, on starboard tack in 15 knots of wind from 325. The sea is fairly smooth. We are expecting to be on the wind most of tomorrow and then a front approaching from the west should give us some south west oging westerly winds fairly strong Wednesday and Thursday.

The shore team have worked hard in the past 6 days since the 2000 miler to get the Pearl to an improved state. Many of the sailors took a few days off to see their family. Freddy of course was bringing his wife Maja and their new son home. Dirk was home visiting his two week old. I went to california, Juggy and Jerry went to Rhode Island.

The main purpose of this trip is to get out second mast in the boat. Our Spars are made by Hall Spars in Holland. The first was has been excellent and we have made the second one just a bit better we think. We did not have much time to give input to the first one where as we have been able to put some thoughts into the second one. We should be bak in Sanxenxo by next Tuesday having made the swap.

We have 11 people onboard for this trip. Jules Salter; Navigator, Freddy Loof, Dirk De Ridder, Craig Satterthwaite, Nigel King, Jerry Kirby, Justin Ferris, Justin Clougher, Gavin Brady, Jerry Sicilliano (shore team) and myself. Jerry is working on our canard system so we thought it would be good for him to see how it works at sea.

The wind is dropping off a bit and the guys are easing the runner. Very loud sounds. The carbon boat is a drum. Better get up there.