Back in the Star

I want to tell you how much fun sailing can be. First, I had to remember.

Sailing has become a career for me. Almost everyone looks at what the professional sailors do for a living with envy, and rightly so. We work hard but certainly we have a great job; doing what we enjoy, outdoors most of the time, working out daily so we are fit, traveling frequently and we get to compete. This would be a dream come true for any one and I am the first to acknowledge how lucky I am. That said, what has happened through the years, is that the sport I grew up being so passionate about has become my job. And like all jobs, it is less exciting than when we were amateurs racing on the weekends or attending our first world championship. Recently I have had a flashback and I my enthusiasm for the sport, and my job, has been heightened.

Sometime last fall, I was thinking about the next three years and what sailing I would be doing. Seemingly headed right back down the America