Bank Sarasin – RC44 Portoroz Cup

A good day onboard Katusha today and it was our first race day. The 11 boats were split into two groups; six in our group and five in the other. We were 3-2 in the match racing and finished up second in our round. Organica of Poland was first with 4-1. We were in a position to win each of our races and made one key mistake in each of the two that we lost. As frustrating as that is, I would rather know that we have the ability to win and made a mistake than to not have the ability to win.

In the other group, Puerto Calero won and No Way Back finished up second. The surprise there is that Artemis and BMW Oracle are out of the top two, both finished up 2-2.

Tomorrow should put the top two teams of each division in a semi-final and then the final for the two winners.

Those who did not qualify will race for 5th-11th.

The winds were very light again today, with a peak wind speed of 8 knots at 1500. But these RC44s are very high powered boats, so it was very good racing anyway.

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