Best Regards to the world from the Black Pearl


The Black Pearl had a wildlife rendezvous this afternoon with a well known predator of the sea, as a shark got caght on their rudder, whilst ‘smoking’ along nicely at 20-25kts.

Helmsman Craig Satterthwaite reported “I felt a sharp thump on the rudder and then vibration through the steering, so I alerted the crew ”

Rapid Action Teams (RATS) quickly searched and investigated all areas of the vessel and according to Team Chief Ardern soon found the sit-chee-ation on the rudder.

This meant the that the RATS took command of the boat and undertook a carefully planned manouvre which involved dropping the headsail jib thingy and doing a partial backdown of the boat.

The 4-5ft shark was freed from his trap relatively quickly and we are optmistic that he made it back into prowl around the briney.

The RATS on Black Pearl have been in a heightened state of alert due to other issues, so this was an excellent run to showcase their effectiveness.


Some passive research being conducted during the leg has revealed some possible results aboard the Black Pearl.

Crewman DeRidder attended the infirmary with a possible lump development on his abdomen, which, upon preliminary testing has been isolated down to 2 possible things. It is hoped that the lump could be, in fact, an AB MUSCLE, which would be a remarkable feat to achieve for DeRidder, who has lived a polluted self indulgent life of consumption. Medical authorities aboard are highly optimistic that this development can be enhanced with some additional treatment of mainsheet grinder work and some sail lugging.

The other possibility that remains in the test is the remote possibility that this is a RIB showing through, which DeRidder has never seen before either!!

Either way, this is a very exciting find for world medicine, and we look forward to bringing some more revelations from this exceptional case of the human physiology

Dental Dept has had Bow-Jig Justin Clougher in for examination again, as he has cracked a second tooth this leg, this time on the top row.

Juggy is no stranger to this Dept, as he has a history of belting his melon (head) into things and breaking his ivorys.

Losing teeth has done absolutely NOTHING to diminish this blokes quest for sourcing or inventing and devouring anything edible on board, particularly the sweet stuff!


Huge win in this area with the technical team comprising of 9 CHIEFS and NO INDIANS (navigator Salter maintained Stiff Upper Lip and respectfully and wisely declined to participate) managed to repair the mangled and mutilated vang lug and reinstall the vang today, with no dramas. The were no injuries, and all personal prides remain intact, we all had a group hug and cheered as Director Satterthwaite slammed the top pin home and split the split pin.

Bilging the boat continues at a consant rate as the keel issues persist.


Tonights feature will be a re-run of the popular classic “Erles adventues on Flyer” ……Woo-Hoo

Best regards to the world from the lost souls on the Black Pearl