La Maddalena, Sardinia

No racing for Artemis today. The Mistral was strong this morning and racing got underway with the first match at 1530 in about 18 knots of wind.Mascalzone Latino beat TeamOrigin to move up to 5 wins. The Italian team could tie for first in the round robin with that win depending on a few other occurrences. In the second match of the day, All4One defeated the French team on Aleph also to move to 5 wins and a chance to win the Round Robin.

Emirates Team New Zealand and Mascalzone Latino were boarding their boats for their all important match when damage was discovered on ITA 90 and she had to return to the port for repairs. It was 1900 at the time.

So tomorrow morning, round robin racing will start with the Kiwis and Mascalzone and then Artemis against All4One as the last match of the Round Robin.

Following that, the quarter finals will begin. The time limit for the quarter finals is the end of the day Thursday. So, we will go as far as we can before sunset. Quarter final 1 will be 4th vs 5th from the Round Robin. They will race a best of three. Then the second quarter final will pit the 3rd place team from the round robin vs. the 6th. Quarter final 3 will pit 2 vs. 7 and quarter final 4 will pit 1 vs. 8. In quarter finals 3 and 4, a team must win 2 points in order for their to be a result. In quarter finals 1 and 2, if time runs out and a series is partially complete when time runs out, it will be scored as follows; if one race has finished, the winner of that race will move on to the semis. If two races have been finished and the score is 1-1, the team who is higher ranked from the round robin will move on.

So the odds of 1 vs 8 happening are very low.

Five will most likely get a shot and making the semis.

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The final four days of the Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddalena will be televised around the globe, live, beginning on 3rd June. In territories without live television, fans can pick up the programme on a live internet stream.

With 10 of the best sailing teams in the world duelling on the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean off Sardinia, the Louis Vuitton Trophy is a premiere sailing competition featuring America’s Cup style match racing.

The television production will be the next best thing to being there, with inputs from two on board cameras, two chase-boat cameras and a helicopter, as well as VirtualEye animation graphics, on board audio, and expert commentary.

The live television feed will be available both online and from broadcasters. The internet feed will be streamed on the event website, with English and Italian commentary.

Broadcasters taking the live television feed include Italy’s RAI network, Russia’s NTV, ESPN360 in the USA, and SailingChannel in Europe, while SailTV will stream the broadcast over the web. The SailTV web player for the Louis Vuitton Trophy has also been distributed free as an embed to dozens of top sailing sites worldwide.

In addition to the live production, the 36-strong television production crew is making six highlight shows (of 26 minutes each) as well as a final 26-minute wrap-up programme. These are being shown around the world by select broadcasters, including BSkyB in the UK, Italy’s RAI, Canal+ in France, NTV plus in Russia, TVNZ in New Zealand, and SailingChannel across Europe, as well as Eurosport Asia.

A shorter series of programmes (4X20 minutes) are being shown in Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa as well as on Fox Sports in the Middle East, South America, Africa and the United States and ESPN/Star in Asia.

The action at the Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddalena has been among the best yet, and as the field of 10 gets whittled down to a final champion over the final four days of competition, the racing is only going to get more compelling. Don’t miss it.


About WSTA
The World Sailing Teams Association (WSTA) was founded in 2009 by a group of professional yacht racing teams to develop regular high-level match race regattas in large and complex racing yachts. The WSTA is jointly owned by its nine shareholders (the teams) and represents the interests of those teams in the pursuit of fair and highly competitive racing. The WSTA, in conjunction with title partner Louis Vuitton, co-organises the Louis Vuitton Trophy.

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Big day for Artemis. In our only match of the day, which did not get underway until 1830, we beat Emirates Team New Zealand by 17 seconds to take solo possession of first place.

After a tough pre-start with Artemis entering from the left side on port tack, Dean Barker, helmsman of ETNZ, had control of us. Terry Hutchinson was cool and patient as ETNZ eventually got uncomfortable and went away. ENTZ then picked a nice lay line to the starboard end of the line and we had no choice but to start to leeward on starboard.

Again we were patient and slowly gained on the Kiwis from the left side. They tacked and we followed closely and pinned them out to the starboard lay line. The Kiwis had a go at us at the top mark with a flag but the umpires green flagged it. From there we kept to the right side on the run and got around the gate in good shape with the Kiwis following us by two lengths.

Up the second beat, we played the shifts and stretched to an 8 boat length lead. That made the final run a bit easier. A nice win for Artemis and we move to 6 points from 8 races.

In other racing, Mascalzone lost to BMW Oracle in the first race then stole one off of the French who mismanaged that last 400 meters of the race when they were leading by two lengths.

All racing took place in about 15-20 knots from the northwest. It is always shifty in the Maddalena channel and sometimes there are even two, slightly different breeze directions within the race track. That is called “split breeze”.

Tactician’s nightmare!

In the third race, Luna Rossa beat Aleph, in the fourth race BMW Oracle beat Azzurra, then Azzurra beat TeamOrigin.

We have one more race tomorrow against All4One and that will be the last match of the round robin.

The line up tomorrow will be good:

Mascalzone vs. Team Origin

All4One vs. Aleph

Emirates Team NZ vs. Mascalzone

Artemis vs. All4One

Once the round robin is complete, we will move into the 1/4 finals. It is unlikely we will finish the quarter finals on Wednesday and Thursday so there will be a premium on finishing the round robin 1st or 2nd.


Only one race was held today before the Mistral kicked in. In a rematch of the annulled BMW Oracle vs. Emirates Team New Zealand match, the Kiwi’s prevailed and moved into a tie for third place on 4 wins.

So the top of the leader board is shared by Artemis and Synergy. Synergy is done racing in the round robin while we still have two matches left and therefore two chances to move ahead of Synergy. There are still 10 matches left so plenty of points yet to be doled out.

There will be no racing again tomorrow as the forecast are for 40 knots all day.

Hopefully action will get back underway on Tuesday.


It’s all on here in La Maddalena. Six matches were scheduled for today, two of which included ARTEMIS.

First we were up against the Italians onboard AZZURRA, in their home waters, immediately followed by SYNERGY. The Russian team has shown remarkable improvement since Auckland and as of last night was tied for first.

Just as we entered in the starting sequence against AZZURRA, the wind shifted considerably. Terry Hutchinson controlled the pre-start well for us, but with only 20 seconds to go, PRO Peter Reggio abandoned the race and reset the course.

Without much of a delay, we were underway again and this time managed to get a penalty on AZZURRA and a good start. We stayed close to the Italians on the first upwind leg and rounded the mark first, but Francesco Bruni was able to roll us on the run as we both gybed to starboard. We rounded the right mark of the gate, just behind AZZURRA, and rolled into a tack immediately. We sailed out to the right a bit and when we came back to AZZURRA, they could not cross. We kept “bouncing” them out to the left. We had a near collision at the top of the beat as the Italians made a huge bear away to get behind us. We sailed a good race and by the end of it, were 100m ahead of the Italians who still had a penalty owing.

This left us feeling pretty positive for our race against SYNERGY that got underway just after 1700. The pre-start was intense and Karol Jablonski managed to start on port at the pin end of the line while we were to leeward. We decided to keep it close rather than start a tacking duel from behind. The Russians led us by two boat lengths at the top mark and down the run. As we went to drop the spinnaker, our pole went in the water and the kite followed soon there after. It took us a while to clear up the mess and the Russians won easily. As more racing was scheduled for the day, we retired from the race to give the shore team as much time as possible to prepare the boat for the next race between ETNZ and ALL4ONE.

It’s was a very valuable win for SYNERGY who will now be tied with us for first overall. Tonight, there is another protest hearing (BMW Oracle vs ETNZ) and the shore crew are going to be busy – especially the sailmakers in the sail loft.

In the other matches of the day, TEAMORIGIN defeated Luna Rossa and AZZURRA beat SYNERGY.

We are headed back to the hotel for a team debrief with our coach ‘Dog’ who captures it all on video.

Tomorrow we race Emirates Team New Zealand and ALL4ONE. A Mistral is heading our way so sometime Sunday or Monday racing will surely be suspended for at least 24 hours.


La Maddalena, Sardinia – Today was planned to be a big day for ARTEMIS, with two races scheduled. First was to be Emirates Team New Zealand followed by ALL4ONE in the third and fourth matches of the day. When our turn finally came round at 1700 this afternoon, there were issues with one of the mainsails, which led to more of a delay and in the end meant no race for us.

In the first match of the day, the Russian team SYNERGY put on an impressive performance against America’s Cup holders BMW Oracle Racing. In a tightly contested battle on the first upwind leg, Skipper James Spithill managed to take the Russians past the mark but SYNERGY fought back to roll the Americans on the downwind and led for the rest of the race, winning by 21 seconds.

For the next race the wind picked up, BMW Oracle stayed onboard and prepared to race Emirates Team New Zealand. James Spithill and his crew claimed their second win of the regatta in a tense race with two critical penalties, one for the American’s in the pre-start which was then offset on the final downwind leg when the umpires penalized ETNZ for too much forestay tension.

Tomorrow’s schedule has just been issue and Artemis will have two matches tomorrow, first against AZZURRA followed by SYNERGY.

Tonight is the Louis Vuitton Crew Party something we all look forward to during these events.


On ARTEMIS, we headed into today undefeated with four wins, having been at the top of the scoreboard for the last two days. A nice, but precarious position to be in with the best sailing teams in the world racing here in La Maddalena.

Emirates Team New Zealand, winners of the last Louis Vuitton Trophy were first up this morning winning their two races back to back against AZZURRA followed by ALEPH.

In race three it was Ben Ainslie and his team onboard TEAMORIGIN against the Russians on SYNERGY. In a tight fought match, it was the Brits who prevailed, winning by just 6 seconds.

Our race against Mascalzone Latino got underway at 1415, with a wind transition coming down the course. Gavin Brady, Skipper of Mascalzone Latino, wanted the left and we were happy with “wide right” as the right side of the line was favored. As we both headed back up to the Committee Boat end of the line we were overlapped to windward. The wind went even further right which further favored the right side but it was too much of a good thing as we found ourselves on the lay line to the committee boat. When the gun went off, both of us were at a stand still right next to the committee boat with Mascalzone Latino able to peel away and accelerate off the line.

By the time we got to the top of the course, the wind was gusting up to 20 knots and had actually gone 40 degrees back to the left. Mascalzone rounded with a nice gybe set and we planned to do the same. Unfortunately, our kite snagged on something and as soon as it filled…it exploded! We all carry a back up spinnaker onboard, but in the time it took to recover the halyard and hoist the new spinnaker, Mascalzone were well out in front. They sailed conservatively for the rest of the race and finished 46 seconds ahead of us.

In the fifth match of the day the Russians in Synergy defeated the French of Aleph. In the sixth race BMW Oracle faced Luna Rossa and this race went to the Italians.

Torbjorn Tornqvist, the chairman of ARTEMIS arrives tonight. We are all looking forward to seeing him and having him sail with the team for the next couple of days. I’m off to the gym.


Having changed the schedule around yesterday evening to ensure that all the teams had raced each other, PRO Peter ‘Luigi’ Reggio had every intention of getting racing started earlier today at 0900. The wind however, didn’t fill in until about 1130 when the first match of started between the Russians onboard Synergy and Mascalzone Latino.

Skipper Karol Jablonski did a good job winning the start and the Russian team led the host team around the course. On the final downwind leg, Skipper

Gavin Brady moved in on the Russians and Synergy incurred one penalty swiftly followed by a second penalty for heckling the umpires. Another win for Mascalzone Latino.

In race two, Synergy was up against Emirates Team New Zealand. It turned out to be another close match but it was Emirates Team New Zealand who claimed the victory.

As the winds continued to build, the racing got closer and more exciting. In race three it was Jochen Schumann’s ALL4ONE up against BMW Oracle Racing. The Franco-German team did an excellent job to keep ahead of the America’s Cup holders throughout the race, before an issue with their spinnaker prevented them from gybing on the final downwind conceding victory to the Americans. ALL4ONE are requesting redress questioning the set up of the leeward mark, so the outcome of this race could change.

Going into today, we were 3-0. A good position to be in, but it is still early in the event. Our race against Luna Rossa got off at 1640 with 18-22 knots of wind. It promised to be a close match with Ed Baird helming and Torben Grael calling the shots on the Italian boat. Our helmsman, Terry Hutchinson had an almost perfect start and it was a work out for the grinders as we kept close to Luna Rossa, tacking 17 times on the first windward leg. As the race progressed, the wind got shiftier but we managed to guard and grow our lead, beating the Italian team by 35 seconds.

In the final race of the day ALL4ONE were back, this time to win against Luna Rossa.

Tomorrow, ARTEMIS will have just one race, we’ll be racing Mascalzone Latino who are in a five way tie for third place.

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La Maddalena, Sardinia

Artemis was first up today against America’s Cup winner BMW Oracle. The conditions were 15 knots from the west and a perfectly sunny day. Terry Hutchinson got a great start shutting out James Spithill at the committee boat. I was reluctant to give the American’s much rope to play with in the very shifty conditions. Therefore we never got very far ahead…maximum lead was 2 boat lengths. The race was toe to toe all the way around until the last run when BMW Oracle gybed away while trailing and we let them go as we had the preferred side. We won the race by 15 seconds. It was great to get our third win and nice to win a tight one.

In other action, the Russian team Synergy beat Prada, then Prada rebounded to beat Team New Zealand in a close battle. The French team Aleph caused a major incident in their race with Azzurra. The French were disqualified as there is significant damage to both boats. Finally, the British Team Origin beat All4One by just 5 seconds in a very tight race.

Artemis heads the scoreboard with 3 wins from 3 starts.

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Another win for Artemis today over the previously unbeaten Aleph Team of France.

After a long wait for wind this morning, racing finally got underway at 1430. In the first flight of the day, the Brits on TeamOrigin beat BMW Oracle by controlling the start and getting a penalty on the Americans. In the other match, the Russian team, Synergy won a closely fought match against the French/German team of All4One. The lead changed a couple of times in that one.

The conditions were 6-8 knots and very flat seas. We are racing inside the archipelago of La Maddalena, so the mountains cause plenty of volatile wind shifts which makes it challenging for the teams.

We made a change of call about 2.5 minutes before our start changing from “wide right” to “tight leeward” as our desired position off the line. It looked like the French were happy with the right so we each got what we wanted in the left. The first shift went left and we controlled the French as they tacked to port. From there we never let them have a sniff of the left as it got better and better of there. We won fairly easily in the end.

In the other match in our flight, Azzurra stole the win off Prada on the first run in another Italian battle.

Then in flight three, Emirates Team New Zealand beat TeamOrigin too in its first outing of the series and All4One beat Mascalzone Latino Audi Team in the other match. There was a red flag penalty on Mascalzone Latino at the first windward mark and that pretty much ended the race.

With two wins from two starts, we are starting out nicely on Artemis. But again, this is a tricky venue and anything can happen in any match. Tomorrow, we are up against BMW Oracle in the first flight of the day.

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