Cayard Cruise Lines

Position: 34,3.94N , 71,56.33W

Speed: 6 knots, Course: 341 deg.

Cayard Cruise Lines

May 05

When Paul and Kimo called last May and told me Paul was starting a Pirates themed division of Disney Cruise lines I didn’t hesitate to sign on. Paul said it would be great. Exotic locations, skull and cross bones and a bigger faster boat with less guys, wine steward and wheel chair accessible foredeck. This will be great!

You will only have to show up in Rio spend some time at the beach then cruise through the West Indies on your way to beautiful Baltimore. Stop in New York for quick retail fix then finish the cruise in Sweden.

Cayard Cruise Lines

On board the Black Pearl April 16, 2006

Wrong brochure! Dammit you really have to watch out for telemarketers. We just restacked every sail and piece of gear for the second time this watch. The boats rock and food and accommodations are average. No showers, everything is soaked we don’t sleep much but it is awesome. Last night we were ripping at 20+ with the fire hose on.

Sailing with old legends Paul, Erle Williams and Juggy has been a privilege. The young stars Cheese, Craig, Antoine and Justin continue to show how good they are. Jules keeps us laughing with his stand up routine every six hours and newcomer Ian Budgen is still trying to convince us he not Austin Powers brother.

If a guy named Paul calls you at home around dinner time trying to sell a cruise don’t hang up. It may be the best ride Disney has to offer.

Jerry Kirby, onboard The Black Pearl