Cayard Sailing Goes Global

Cayard Sailing to manage Disney’s entry to the 2005 Volvo Ocean Race

Cayard Sailing Inc. has been appointed to manage Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean entry to the famous Volvo Ocean Race. Paul Cayard, winning skipper of the 1998 Race, will skipper the entry from Hollywood. The ‘Pirates’ boat will be fully branded on the hull and sails with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film artwork, and will be named ‘The Black Pearl’.

Cayard Sailing will focus it efforts for the next year on this premier Ocean Race. Content will be added to this site on a regular basis, probably daily once racing starts. Some of you may have followed EF Language in the 1998 Whitbread Round the World Race though various websites. We will try to bring you as much insight as we did in 1998 if not more. Apart from, you can find information about the race and Pirates of the Caribbean at and


The Volvo Ocean Race is the world’s premier ocean going yacht race, and has taken place every four years since it’s birth in 1973 as the Whitbread Round the World Race. It is one of the world’s leading sporting events – an unrivalled high-seas adventure that transcends sport and gains enormous media coverage around the world over an 8-month period.

The Start of the 2005 race will be November 5th in Sanxenxo, Spain and finish in Goteborg, Sweden on June 20, 2006.

Walt Disney Pictures ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – a global film property

‘Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl’, was released at cinemas in 2003 and became a worldwide phenomenon grossing a global box office of $653 million. The film gained 5 Academy award nominations including Best Actor. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley will be reuniting with producer Jerry Bruckheimer for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ II, which will be filmed in the early part of 2005 with the cinema release in July 2006.

The next Volvo Ocean Race starts in November 2005 and finishes in June 2006, reaching its peak to coincide with the global release of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean II’.

Buena Vista International (BVI) and the Volvo Ocean Race have concluded a film marketing deal resulting in the creation of a unique and unparalleled partnership between the worlds of entertainment and sport. This partnership has produced a fully competitive ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ entry in the Volvo Ocean Race

This groundbreaking initiative will inspire a global audience and deliver massive media coverage for the race, the film and the boats marketing partners.

The Team

James “Kimo” Worthington will manage the Pirates entry for Cayard Sailing. Worthington brings a large amount of management experience to Pirates through his six America’s Cups and one previous Round the world Race. Worthington is joined shoreside by Curt Oetking, who like Worthing, possesses a strong resume in both the America’s Cup and Round the World competitions. Oetking is the technical director of the team, running the “pit crew”, whose primary responsibility it is to make the Black Pearl race ready. The “shore team” will number about 20 and more information and CV’s will be posted soon.

The Boat

For the 2005 Volvo Ocean Race, a new class of yacht has been designated. The Open 70 is more of a weapon than a boat. It is 70 feet overall and has a 2 meter bowsprit. It weighs just 114 tonnes and carries a maximum of 6700 square feet of sail area. The boats have canting keels gving them a similar righting moment to the current America’s Cup designs but at close to half the wight, these machines will fly.

Telefonica, the Spanish entry who has been sailing since March, has already set a new monohull 24 hour record notching up 530 miles in 24 hours. They hit 35 knots regularly and it is estimated that 40 knots of boat speed will be achieved.

The Crew

The crew onboard the Black Pearl will consist of just 10 for the offshore legs and 11 for the import races. This relatively small number of crew means that there will be a huge physical requirement for the 10 who are onboard. Remember we sailed the 60’s with 12 and they had roughly