Copa del Rey, Race Day 5

We Won!

Siemens/Matador won the Copa del Rey today on the bay of Palma with scores of 4, 5. Never did we finish out of the top 5 in an inshore race!

The boat was fast and when we were back in the fleet we were patient and found opportunties without taking big risks.

Very satisfying for the whole team. For Matador owner Alberto Roemmers this was his first win in the Copa del Rey. It is a pleasure to see a man of his experiences especially yesterday in 22. Knots of wind. Then for the Parada brothers, (Guellermo helmsman and Mariano strategist) lost their father on this day two years ago, Siemens, our great sponsor, won this regatta last year with Patches so two in a row, and for me, I won this regatta 20 years ago on I’ll Moro di Venezia with my friend Raul Gardini.

Winning isn’t everything but it sure is fun!