A good one for us today. The forecast was for 8-12 knots from 060-090 and that was spot on. Even the forecast called for a left shift in the first race then a right trend for the second race and that was pretty good. The wind oscillated around the averages all day so you had to play the shifts. We were fortunate that there was 8-12 knots of wind because the pleasure boats were out in force today making a very sloppy sea state. Any lighter and it would have been very ugly.

We had a good start to leeward of the fleet in the first race. Left was good and we were going well. We rounded the first mark first and managed to hang on all the way around. We had three lappers today. Shorter distance between the marks but more laps. That favors the boats ahead as the passing lanes are very small. Vince Brun and Mike Dorgan from San Diego sailed great today and finished second in the first race followed by john MacCausland who has good speed. Our tuning partner Andy Lovell/Magnus Liljedahl also were going very fast and finished fourth.

In the second race, Howie Schiebler led at the first mark and I think we were second with Andy MacDonnald/Austin Sperry third and Reynolds/ Erickson fourth. We were packed tightly so the run was difficult. We lost some ground by gibing early but got to round the left side of the gate and head to the right in a clear lane. The right was not the end all be all but the velar lane was worth a lot. Up a the top mark the second time, Howie was still leading and I think we were second with MacDonnald then Reynolds. No changes. Vince Brun rounded 5th and in a nice big puff that let him down inside all of us. He held that position