Before the first race a batten pocket in our mainsail tore. We had a spare mainsail out there but it was the wrong one for the conditions. So I sewed the batten pocket back together 10 minutes before the start. Put me on Martha Stewart.

The Meltemi prevailed again today, a bit stronger than yesterday. We had 10-18 knots with some shots of 20. Still every uses they light air sails as the lulls of 10 are killers if you don’t have enough power.

In the first race we were fighting for first with the German team on the first lap then a few 25-degree wind shifts came through and reshuffled things. Grael (BRA) ended up going from 10th to 1st on one beat and the German we to 6th. We managed to hang onto third. Percy (GBR) broke his rig and therefore scored two last places for the day.

Second race we did not sail that well but Beashal (AUS) who finished second was OCS and Leo the Greek who was fifth was overweight on the weigh-in after so he got disqualified. So our fifth place across the line translated into another third and we won the day.

So now we are in third place, 5 points out of 1st! Moving up.

Bromby of Bermuda is first with 15 points, Grael of Brazil is second with 17, USA is third with 20. I can’t remember who is fourth