2 races were scheduled today. We got down to the boat early and changed masts. The one from yesterday is not bent badly.we can straighten it.but I did not want to screw around with that this morning. We also put our light air main on, which is quickly becoming our all-purpose main.

As we had been getting smacked out on the right all day yesterday, we decided to go left in the first race today. It was 8 knots off the line and we were going well with Mark Reynolds who had done well yesterday in the left. About half way up the beat, a big shift with pressure filled in from the right. We rounded the first mark about 40th. Scrambled to find clear air the rest of the race and finished 19th. The Italian, Bruni did well, 3rd, and Ian Percy, the current world champion was 2nd.

In the second race we had a good start, went very fast and went left. The breeze was in and this was the conditions when the left paid yesterday. We

were leading the left, in fact we won the left side but got the windward mark 4th. The leaders came out of the right. More pressure and a 10 degree

shift. We passed Percy and another guy on the first run.very good speed and round the leeward mark second behind Bromby (BER). Up the second beat, now

in 16 knots of wind, we all stayed pretty close but Percy got inside us just at the windward mark. The wind had gone far enough right that it was a gybe set and lay the finish. So we finished third and Percy got by Bromby.

All in all, not terrible but not world championship caliber sailing by us. We are making too many small mistakes and you cant afford that in this


Tomorrow was supposed to be our lay-day but we have one race to finish the qualification series at 1500.

We are still in 12th and still top Americans. The scores now have a “drop”. The leader has 5 points and we have 25. Bromby is in 8th with 20. So, as

we saw in Athens, a lot can change from here to the end. 5 races done, 6 to go.

Time to hang tough. Not quite half-way done.

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