Today started off as normal. Wake up at 0700, gym for a 15 minute warm up, upstairs to stretch, shower, down to the center to weigh in at 0800. We got the forecast and saw that it was going to be breezy, so we changed to our spare rig and were back to our apartment by 0900 for breakfast.

When we got back down to the center around 0945, the postponnment flag went up. The committee had some reading of 15 knots on the race track. I went back to the apartment, a 5 minute bike ride, and did a few emails and relaxed on my balcony looking at the race track.

Then the call came from coach John Craig that the postponement flag was down. So back to the Sailing Center, dress and go. We were one of the first ones sailing out. All of a sudden a big gust hit us and I heard a loud pop, and looked up to see the mast falling forward over the bow. I jammed the helm down immediately…this is instinctive for any Star helmsman