Day 5 Races

We finally got race 3 in today. We got out there at 10:00 for an 11:00 start. The wind was light and so we did not get started until about 15:00. We had a nice breeze at the start; 15 knots from 130 but that quickly dissipated. We did not have a great start but got clear air quickly and were looking very strong on the right about half way up. The wind went a bit left and 15 boats got us from that side. Then in the last 500 meter of the beat I got in the middle and their, with all the shopped up air, we dropped another ten boats.

Down the run I think we just held our own. Up the second windward leg, the fleet split as there was not clearly advantageous side. Half way up that leg, it looked like Peter Bromby was winning the race easily and that we had past 10 boats. But that breeze; a left shift, disappeared and the righters came out ok. We round the top mark still about 20th and went very well down the last run and finished 15th.

Mark Neelman (NED) won the race, his second and had a nice lead on the world Championship. However, he was OCS as were a number of others. There was another OCS in front of us so we moved up to 13th. Torben Grael, had a good race 3rd, I think and Bromby was up there as well. Freddy Loof was about 8th and is probably still leading the Championship. Ian Percy finished in the top four as well.

I have not gone to look at the scores so I can’t tell you how we are doing but it wont look decent until we get 5 races in and get to discard that last place we got for breaking the mast on Sunday.

We are still one race behind schedule and I am sure they will try to get two in tomorrow so we will have an early start.if there is any wind. The forecast is not for wind. The pasta is good though.

Paul Cayard