A good day for us; 2, 1. The day got off to a late start as the wind was blowing in excess of 25 knots this morning. At 1300 the postponement flag came down signaling that the first start would be a 1430.

We headed out to the track and were pleasantly surprised to see perfect sailing conditions; 16-22 knots of wind and fairly flat seas.

In race number one we went a long way left off the line and quickly the lead boiled down to a fight between Mark Reynolds/Steve Erickson, Andy Lovell/Magnus Liljedahl and Phil and I. We managed to get around the top mark first. George Szabo/Mark Strube were on fire again down wind and caught up to us but did not pass us at the leeward mark. Up the next windward leg, we covered Szabo and Eric Doyle/Brian Sharp got out to the left and found a nice shift that caught them up to us. We still rounded first but with Doyle right on our heels.

At this point, with Szabo under control, we went into conservative mode. There was still a bit of wind around. Doyle won, we were second, Szabo third, John MacCausland 4th and Lovell 5th.

For the second race, the breeze piped back up to 20 after a bit of a lull. We started near the right end of the line and immediately noticed that we were on a big header