Would of, could of, should of. We got the Silver. Not bad. Saving some improvement for next year.

The day started out with us in fourth, 5 points out of first. We knew it would be all on today because of the caliber of the competition and the conditions.

It was too light to race at 1300 so we were postponed for 1 hour. Then we started in a 6 knots sea breeze, which build to 10 knots at the end of race one. We had a tough start with GER over early on top of us, and not going back. So we dug right and rounded the first mark 8 th , with all our competitors ahead of us. Nice work down the first run and we were fourth. The training we did yesterday with Ross MacDonnald was paying off as you speed was great. We kept gaining ground and finished second beating all our competitors. We were now tied for first with Grael..

So the set up for the last race was basically, who beat who between us, Grael (BRA) and Bromby (BER). Germany had been OCS (over the start early) so the ate their previously worst race, a 9 th .

We won the committee boat end of the start but just as we came off the line the wind went 10 degrees against us. We tacked immediately. This put us in the right corner with a huge split with our competition, not exactly what we wanted. We were patient and waited for the shift to come back and then we tacked. We ended up about 6 th at the windward mark behind both Bromby and Grael. Down the run we caught some waves and passed both of them. We held our own us the second beat but made a mistake in over standing the mark and that made it very close with the three of us again for the run. Just at the end of the run Grael was able to block us from gybing to round the mark and that was the series. We ended up getting forced the wrong way but hung tough and finished 6 th while Grael got fourth. Bromby had a bad race and ended up losing third to the Germans.

Ian Percy (GBR) won both races today displaying great speed but he was also not challenged by any of us as we ended up doing a lot of covering and tacking on each other. Still, Percy has speed that is not to be ignored.