Farr 40 World Championship-Day 1

It was a day in which many boats were up and down through three races. Mascalzone Latino has the lead followed by fellow Italians “Joe Fly”. Still the two boats have 16 and 18 points respectively which is more than usual for the leaders after three races signaling the tough competition out there.

The wind was up for the first race, 18-20 knots, then a big drop off for the second race… 11-14, then back in for the end of the second race up to 25 knots on the final windward leg.

Onboard Warpath we had a day of consistent scores but just a bit too far down the score board for our liking. We had a 12, 13, 14. to put us in 11th over all with 39 points. Our biggest errors were being over early at the start of the second race and having to go back to restart, and then sailing the last windward leg of the last race with a medium jib on in 25 knots. Hopefully we did not damage the medium too badly on that leg as that is the most sued sail in the inventory and we will need it for the rest of the series.

We had one bit of bad luck in that the spinnaker pole car, on the mast, exploded and we had to take the pole off the mast every time we gybed and we could not raise the pole up the mast to make it level. It did not cost us much but it is amazing the things that happen at times like this that don’t happen once in 5 years.

We are a bit disappointed with our first day but there are still 7 races to go and all must be counted. So there are many more points to be had and plenty of potential to move up.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for a bit less wind more like 11-15 knots from the Northeast.

For complete results go to www.farr40worlds.com