Farr 40 World Championship-Day 3

Another two races and still no breakthrough for us on Warpath. We just don’t have it this week. The conditions have been real difficult, sloppy seaway and very puffy, celly, wind. The wind strength was 8-12 knots and shifting through 15 degrees. Everyone struggled and I am sure sailing upwind in these conditions did not feel good to anyone, not even the winners.

These are the most testing conditions. The helmsman is constantly thrown curve balls. The boat can go from being overpowered and lifted to headed and in a lull in 12 seconds. If you hit a couple of waves during that lull, the boats speed and drop .7 of a knot. Then you have to reaccelerate. More pain and more loss.

We are doing better at it than most. We moved up to 8th over all today with 111 points, one point out of 7th. But the frustration is that we were aiming higher than that for this regatta following a 3rd at the Miami Grand Prix last month and some very good results in the Pre worlds.

Estate Mater of Australia had a 1, 6 to win the day and Joe Fly of Italy also had 7 points for the day to Mascalzon’?s 9 points. So just one point separates the first two boats. Ernesto Bertarelli had a very good day with a 9,4 to move up to third place.

The top five are:
1) Mascalzone Latino with 47
2) Joe Fly with 48
3) Alignhi with 74
4) Barking Mad with 81
5) Mean Machine with 83

Tomorrow’s forecast is a bit lighter than today and the last two races are scheduled to get under way at 11:00 EDT.

For complete results go to www.farr40worlds.com