Farr 40 Pre-Worlds-Day 1

Three races were held off Key Biscayne today all in 9-11 knots of wind from the South East. The sea was a bit choppy which made the job for the mainsheet trimmer, jib trimmer and helmsman very challenging.

Happily, our speed team of Steve Howe, Dave Armitage and Grant Loretz got it figured out and we had a great first day. With scores of 8-1-3 we are in second place, one point out of first. “Ramrod” with Gavin Brady calling tactics had a slightly better day with a 3,6,2 for a total of 11 points to our 12. Behind us, two boats are tied for third place; Nerone of Italy, a former World Champion team, and Sled from Japan, both with 21 points.

If you had a bad start today, it was not easy to climb through the fleet with only 10 knots of wind and a sloppy sea. Some good teams had tough day.

Anyway, this is just the tune up regatta and the most important thing to take away from this is confidence in your boat speed and a certain tranquility that no matter had tough it gets, you will find a way to move up through the fleet. The World Champion next week will have those traits.

Tomorrow’s forecast is similar to today…10-13 knots from the South East, sun, chop.

One correction and apology; our fantastic boat captain’s first name is Christian not Clarence. We never call him by his name, rather we call him simply “CT”. So this morning when I walked down the dock I got a bit of just due flak for not knowing our boat captains name. I was trying to think of a good excuse… like my eyes are going bad… but I could not come up with anything that worked. Sorry CT and thanks for all the good work!

Complete scores can be found at www.farr40worlds.com