Long Day Today,

Long day today, yesterday now. We got some specific conditions that we were looking for to do some sail testing so we got into a full session this afternoon that finished at sunset or just after actually. I was beat and went to sleep.

Good progress with a couple of sails, though not toward Sanxenxo. In fact, as tough as it was to do we had to actually sail away from Sanxenxo for 6 hours to get this testing done. But we did it and it is “in the can” as they say in Burbank. Now, 0115 locAL time Tuesday, the wind has shut off here in the northwest corner of France and we are motoring at 7 knots. These boats are fast but not under motor.

We should get and easterbreeze up to 15 knots later today in the Bay of Biscay that should get us going 18 knots down the track again.

All is well aboard the Pearl. Smooth sea, clear sky, and we are inside (south east) of the shipping lane so no major swerving for traffic.