Looks like a long way to Melbourne still for us

It has been a tough night out here on the Great Australian Bight. Thunder, lightening and constant rain have been on the menu. Complete volatility of

the wind has made planning a route difficult at best. The big issue is that our keel is getting worse. The keel is wobbling in its bearings and more

water is coming in. There is a left over swell from the northeast which is directly where we need to go. Our course on port tack is straight into this

seaway. This creates a violent slamming so for most of the night we simply couldn’t sail on port tack.

So we have been sailing slowly and on the wrong gybe for most of the night just trying to minimize the amount the keel jerks around in its loose

structure. Now the sea is smoothing out a bit so we are on port tack trying to get to the north.

I have been up for 12hours straight so I am going to lie down for a few minutes.

Looks like a long way to Melbourne still for us.

Paul Cayard

Pirates of the Caribbean