March 3, 2004 Training Day on Biscayne Bay

We had a better day today. Still blowing 14-18 form the ESE today. Today activities were; gym 0645, breakfast 0830, shower 0900, West Marine 0930, arrival at the club 0945, rig up and tuning, dock out 11:30. The water schedule was three races today.

Freddy Loof of SWE dominated the first two races. Xavier Rohart of FRA, the current world champion was up there as well as our tuning partner of these past few weeks, Andy Lovell and Magnus Liljedahl. We battled around somewhere in the top five or six.

In the third race, Perter Bromby BER got tangled up with someone at the start and shredded his main, Eric Doyle and Brian Sharp USA dropped their rig just like we did yesterday. Mark Reynolds and Steve Erickson were leading half way through this race but the wind went right quite a bit and we nearly caught them by the second weather mark. Rohart and Geroge Szabo USA had gotten by both of us and Rohart went on to win Freddy Loof had packed it in after the 2nd race.

We were going ok up wind but a bit slow downwind. Need to work on that tomorrow. The waves here are very short in length so the boats are constantly overtaking the waves. You need to find a way to snake through them without letting them slow the boat down. Sometimes you let the boat roll over to windward to the windward chine