Olympic Games

We had a good day today. Started at the gym as usual, then I took my family to the airport. I got back to the boat at 1230 and we launched and went for a sail. Unfortunately the wind (left over Meltemi -of sorts) was in the process of dying so we came in, ate some lunch, sanded the keel a bit and then launched again.

We sailed for two hours with Ross MacDonnald (CAN), Colin Beahsal (AUS) and Francesco Bruni (ITA). It was 7-10 knots, trying to fill in as a seabreeze but was not real steady. We were going pretty well but I would say CAN was going slightly better. We have our race rig in now so we are in the final preparations for Saturday.

We came in and Carl Eichenlob painted some more gel coat on our keel. We are still perfecting the keel after we had to add 2 mm to it for measurement.

I got back to my apartment, empty now (I can find my own clothes), and made dinner and I am enjoying the Olympics on TV. The luck is that Eurosport here is in English….British actually. So I am getting a tainted version of the commentary but it is still very compelling to watch.

Tomorrow we will sail with Freddy Loof (SWE) on a 1030 dock out.

We are fortunate not to be racing this week. It has been tough on the other classes. Many are behind in the schedule now and the races that were held today were very shaky due to the Meltemi dying and the seabreeze trying to fill. Big shift and even bigger holes in the wind.

I am not sure what Saturday and beyond has in store for us so I am still planning on dealing with everything and anything.

My wife’s last deed was to make four batches of “gold medal brownies” which I have in my freezer, ready to be rationed over the duration of the races. Thanks Honey! What am I going to do when my excuse to eat everything in site goes away?