Olympic Games

Paros was a great place to rest. The beach were we went windsurfing over there is called “Golden Beach”. We met a guy named Theo who is a legendary Greek boarder. He is my age and has spent years on Maui windsurfing. He gave us a board to use for a few days and both Danny and Allie got into it.

As we came back into Parieus, Athens Port city, we saw the Queen Mary 2 which had just docked in front of us. Traffic has been a bit tough the last few days as the Olympic flame has been going through the various local towns. You really get the feeling of what a big organization it takes to put on the Olympics. Things like traffic control, security..things that have nothing to do directly with the events…take a lot of work and organization. Then of course you have the events themselves.

Back from Paros and back to work. Yesterday we hit the gym and then were out sailing by 13:00. We sailed with the Spanish, Irish, Bermuda, Brazil. Still working up our spare mast and looking at a sail we may measure in. It was 8-10 knots of seabreeze.

The forecast is for seabreeze again today and tomorrow but then a Meltemi to return to Athens sometime between Sunday/Monday through at least next Thursday.

Today we will have a short sail, early, because we have to go up to the Olympic village to meet up with the rest of TEAM USA and go to the Opening Ceremony. Icka and the kids are going there with Phil’s wife Chrissy by public transportation. They are asking the public to get there three hours early. It should be a spectacular show.

I don’t think we will get back to our apartment before 0200. I am looking forward to being with the US team and going through what will be a very memorable event.

Tomorrow we will probably go for another short sail and Sunday our boat is getting measured in the afternoon.