Olympic Games Race Day

Back on track today. It was a very difficult day wind wise. 30 degree shifts and unstable wind strength…8-12 knots. To give you an idea of the day, the Spanish led at the first mark and finished last. And there weren’t spinning 720’s. It was just that tricky out there.

We had a good start but fell behind on the first windward leg and run by not looking out side the boat enough. For the last four legs, we got our heads out and got in phase and steadily marched back up through the fleet to finish 3rd. No doubt, we had our fair share of luck as well. You have to be lucky here to do well.

Ross MacDonnald sailed well and won the race. Torben Greal, the regatta leader looked set to take his first bad race as he rounded the last leward mark 12th. He played the right side of the 3rd beat and rounded the top mark 2nd and finished second to maintain his string of top five finishes.

Our third moved us up into a tie for fourth with the Swiss. The wind died completely after the finish of the first race and then filled from just about every direction over the next three hours. We waited out there until 17:00 when the committee sent us in. So tomorrow we will have one race to make up rather than a lay day.

The points are still very close and there is more than half the regatta left to do. Tomorrows forecast is for a fairly strong Meltemi…possibly over 20 knots.