Pasquale-Il Grande

On May 31, 2005 the sailing world lost a great competitor and supporter…Pasquale Landolfi, leader of the famous Brava, passed away in his home in Rome at the age of 76. Pasquale raced internationally and worked passionately in the upper levels of ISAF and the ORC since his first Brava in 1981. The Italian sailing community owes a great deal to Pasquale as he provided great opportunity for may sailors to reach their highest potential. He will be missed by many but as with all great leaders of men, we must look to his example as we go forward.

We should not feel sorry for Pasquale. He lived life at 110% in everything he did. There was no wasted moment. If he took something on, he gave it all he had or he did not get involved at all. There was no half way with Pasquale. This was consistent throughout his life, not just in sailing as we knew him, and it showed in his results.

In sailing he won four World Championships the Admirals Cup, Fastnet, and the Sardinia Cup to name a few. He won the Fastnet Race in 1981 with his 44